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Saturday, 15 Aug 2020

Christmas shopping in Norway

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 11:56 Published in Photographs

When Chief Luthuli and Nokukhanya travelled to Norway in December 1961 they enjoyed far greater freedom of movement than they did at home. Chief Luthuli's schedule was tightly packed since the Apartheid Government begrudgingly permitted him only a ten day passport to travel to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for 1960. As well as attending the Nobel Prize ceremony on 10 December and delivering the Nobel Lecture the following day, Chief Luthuli conducted several radio and television interviews and took the opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues, many of who lived outside South Africa in exile.

The Chief and Nokukhanya did, however, find a few moments to tour Oslo and wander the city's streets and shops in a way they were prohibited from doing in Apartheid South Africa where Luthuli was banned and effectively subject to house arrest. While in Norway he also met one of Oslo's many roving Father Christmases. See: LutMus2010.07.091

The Nobel committee selected Luthuli to receive the award in recognition of his efforts to bring an end to racial discrimination and injustice in South Africa through peaceful methods.  In his acceptance speech, Luthuli said “Our vision has always been that of a non-racial, democratic South  Africa which upholds the rights of all who live in our country to remain there as full citizens with equal rights and responsibilities with all others.”