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Thursday, 24 Jun 2021

Pay cuts honour Luthuli: Councillors chip in to help Masakane

Friday, 11 November 2011 10:14 Published in Archives

Original article reporting on KwaDukuza Masakane campaign whereby councillors contribute 10% of their salary to campaign aimed at enlightening people on HIV/AIDS.

Oral History: Khatija Suleman (wife of Goolam Suleman)

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:12 Published in Audio Visual

Oral history interview with Khatija Suleman (wife of Goolam Suleman) and Barbara Wahlberg.

This interview takes place during the publication stage of the Suleman manuscript. Discussion subsequently focuses on relationships between Goolam Suleman and Luthuli and the two families. Seemingly banal details about day to day events such as Luthuli's choice of dress and food are brought to life during this interview.

Khatija also discusses the concern and worry she experienced when Luthuli, E V and her husband held secret meetings at Liberty Storess. She elaborates on the role Suleman played in supporting Luthuli's activities. The final section of the interview centres around the production of the manuscript by Suleman and Naidoo.

Oral History: Donald Sivetye (Part I)

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:12 Published in Audio Visual

Oral history interview between Donald Sivetye and Scott Couper/Mwelela Cele. Sivetye provides autobiographical information and reveals that his mother was Luthuli's sister. He focuses on his and his father's encounters with Luthuli as well as Kennedy's visit to Groutville, the history and development of the area and the formation of MK. He also discusses his family's reaction to Luthuli's death.

Stanger to honour Lutuli

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:11 Published in Archives
Stanger to honour Lutuli. Digital copy. Article discusses meeting to be held in Stanger to honour Luthuli. Attendees included Mary Benson and Alan Paton

Luthuli not at meeting

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:09 Published in Archives
Luthuli not at meeting. Digital copy. Short report that Luthuli banned from attending meeting held in Stanger to honour his Nobel Peace award

Oral History: Yunus Mahomed

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:08 Published in Audio Visual

Oral history interview between Yunus Mahomed (son of E.V. Mahomed) and Nasreen Manjoo.

Yunus shares stories about his father and "Uncle Chief" Luthuli and their deep friendship. He speaks about his father's involvement in politics, how he dealt with the ever present special branch forces, the Stanger community and Kennedy's visit to Groutville.

Yunus also reflect's on the community's reaction to Luthuli being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. As well, he speculates on how Sharpeville shifted Luthuli's attitude to armed struggle and whether Luthuli's death was an accident.

Albert Luthuli Audiovisual clips

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:08 Published in Audio Visual

Collection of audiovisual clips related to Chief Luthuli, Apartheid and Liberation Movement, including footage of Luthuli en route to Norway, Luthuli at Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, Robert Kennedy's visit to South Africa, and Archbishop Tutu speaking at an ANC funeral.

Goolam Suleman's shop

Monday, 17 October 2011 17:08 Published in Photographs

Chief Luthuli, Goolam Suleman and Edgar Sibusiso Luthuli inside the Suleman family shop, Liberty Stores.

Goolam Suleman was born in 1929. His father, Hajee Suleman Hoosen, owned a shop in Stanger and played a key role in community life there.  Hajee’s non-racial worldview bore a strong influence on his son who later joined the Natal Indian Congress Youth Family.

When Goolam returned to Stanger to work in the family business, which he renamed Liberty Stores, he met E V Mohamed who was a close friend of Luthuli. Liberty Stores, along with Mahomed’s offices, soon became “the Chief’s” base in Stanger and secret ANC meetings were conducted here.

Suleman felt he owed it to the memory of his friend Luthuli “to write down his recollections of the Chief and the role played by so many now forgotten people in the Indian community of Stanger, like E.V. Mahomed, in the life of one of Africa’s greatest sons”. These memories are published by the Luthuli Museum in In the Shadow of Chief Albert Luthuli —?Reflections of Goolam Suleman by Logan Naidoo.

Nobel Vredeprys vir Luthuli: reaksie

Monday, 17 October 2011 16:59 Published in Archives
Nobel Vredeprys vir Luthuli: reaksie. Digital copy. Report on reactions to Luthuli being awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

Oral History: Ayesha Bayat

Monday, 17 October 2011 16:59 Published in Audio Visual

Oral history interview between Ayesha Bayat and Nasreen Manjoo.

The focus of this interview is Bayat's attendance at Chief Luthuli's funeral and the atmosphere of that day. She also speaks of her family's move to Stanger and her experience living there as a teenage Muslim girl. Although she never met Chief Luthuli, she gives insights into his popularity and reputation within the Stanger community and the suspicion that surrounded his death.

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